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100% Ecological Labeled GOTS

CtonKod is a French brand that meets your requirements to ensure the human-ecological qualities of textiles are free from products which are toxic to the Body and the Environment. A socially responsible European product with a traceability of the entire chain of production.

BETTER-EARTH : natural reaction

The concept of CTonKod is based on specific codes printed on the inside of the back of the T-shirt. Any form emits a natural wave. CtonKod is a human approach that focuses on human beings’ constant interaction with their environment.


CtonKod is an innovative advertising medium, a high quality marketing for you to place your logo, and project your image. It is also a familiar product, an authentic material bringing value to your know-how !

Revolutionary advertising support !

CTonKod is an innovative advertising support, a Marketing especially of quality, labeled GOTS-OEKS adapted to your economic and social activity. It meets your requirements for development in Image of Well-being and ecological action.

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An Innovative Concept !

The concept of CtonKod being glued to the word "communication" is no mere coincidence; it underlines a determination to provide a quality service associated with printed codes.

Energy comes from the Greek word "Energos" which means "Energy in action" The drawing printed inside CtonKod corresponds to the resulting waves "I'm full of energy" or "I’m sleeping like a dream" This drawing acts on the cutaneous surface which is a perpetual place of vibratory exchanges with our surrounding environment.