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CTonKod is a Universal T-shirt: CtonKod is a 100% ecological cotton T-shirt GOTS only supplied in white or black in 175 grs / m². Round neckline. Short sleeve. Classic. S, M, L, XL, XXL sizes. Supplied with REF "I'm Full of Energy" or with "I Sleep Blisfully".

" 3 in 1: 100% Ecological, Advertising, Wellness !"

1/2 Chest4952555861
Total height tip shoulder7172737577
Total shoulder4346495255
1/2 Sleeve top1920212223
Neck length19.
1/2 bottom sleeve width16.016.517.017.518.0
Neckline cost / cost20.52121.522.022.5
Depth neck dev. cost / cost6.
Depth neckline back1.
1/2 width lower body4952555861
Neck edge height1.
Hem height22222
CTonKod is supplied in white label with the codes printed inside (WITHOUT our logo CTonKod printed on the chest): when receiving it, you can customize it how you wish, according to your event needs . Careful, the CTonKod is labeled GOTS so its marking is special, it is free of any pesticide products.

When applying online :

Specify your contact details, the references of the chosen products, the quantity, your transport. It is imperative to specify if we do the transport from Portugal to your home and your chosen destinations..
Upon receipt of all the elements to print your CTonKod, transmitted by mail (Chart Charters) and validation by you of the BAT in return.
50% deposit by bank transfer with transport included or not will be asked when ordering.
Full payment before shipping T-shirts only by bank transfer.
Net Price - Factoring Minimum lead time : 8 weeks depending on the quantities validated, between design, production, delivery. Read our conditions of sale.

For European Distributors

To use and sell CTonKod: Respect of intellectual and industrial property rights only by negotiation and signature of a contract between the Distributor and Ms. Mazier Isabelle Creator of the CtonKod Brand. Thank you to contact by email via the Website for queries such as an interview or an appointment. Read our conditions of sale.