With CTonCode the Intention Counts !

CTonKod is a registered French brand.
CTonKod Tee-Code is a European product in its design and production.
CTonKod "I Boost my Energy" and Tee-Code "I'm Sleeping like a Dream".

The Tee-Code concept is based on specific codes printed on the inside and back of the T-shirt. Any form emits a wave. The drawing printed on the Tee-Code acts on the cutaneous surface, which is a perpetual place of vibratory exchanges with our surrounding environment. Without any chemical substance, this causes natural reactions within the body, and encourages sleep or energy according to the drawing.

" The skin is capable of capturing information and transmitting it to the brain.."

CTonKod "I Boost my Energy" is bound to respond to your needs, to be worn during the day.

CTonKod "I Sleep like a Dream" can also be worn at home, encouraging a soothing relaxation before bedtime.

CTonKod is a .human approach that focuses on Human Beings’ constant interaction with their Environment.
CTonKod is an effective T-shirt because it is the intermediary between our inner desire and its external realization.
CTonKod brings together the two worlds INTERIOR and OUTSIDE and thus provides THE UNITY OF ME .
CTonKod accompanies you and promotes Wellbeing and Sleep .

CTonKod Revolutionary Advertising Support !

CTonKod is an Innovative Advertising Support, a Marketing emphasizing quality, labeled GOTS-OEKS and adapted for your economic and social activities. It is the solution for your need to develop through an Image of Well-being and ecological action.

CTonKod is an Innovative Advertising Support for everyone!

Consumers, Distributors, Dealers.

It has its place in your Life : in your home, at work, your society, your federation, your ecological textile department, your Well Being department, your leisure centre.

CTonKod is a product designed to be used, in suitcases, beds and wardrobes. It’s simple, useful, anytime, anywhere ! CTonKod is an unprecedented comforting familiar support for your personal activities and marketing exploits: CTonKod is an extraordinary media support!

CTonKod is a 100% guaranteed human-ecological t-shirt: European quality textile.
CTonKod is the solution for your need to ensure the human ecological elements of textiles are free from products that are toxic to the Body and the Environment.
CTonKod is labelled GOTS OEKS indicating that its production is conducted in an ecological and socially responsible way with a traceability of the entire chain of prod.
CTonKod is a product that everyone can buy by ordering directly on the merchant site.
Its price / quality ratio is accessible: simple and easy! Online Merchant Website with secure payment and receipt. Direct sale of tee-code for private individuals – up to 10 copies
If more than 10 copies are required, make a request for a specific quote issued by e-mail within 48h regarding dealers, Mass Distribution, Various Well-being Societies: Associations, Thermal baths, Spa locations, Leisure centres. Including our conditions of sale (net prices / factoring) as well as delivery times.
CTonKod is a t-shirt that can also be provided on specific request via the merchant site with a minimum order of 2000 designs in black, withor without sleeves, at white mark (without our printed logo on the chest) according to your wish.
CTonKod is Universal: You can customize it according to your needs